Fully custom Android solutions for visionaries like you.


Build custom mobile solutions to create different customer experiences and streamline back-end operations. Manage the entire process to convert your vision and goals into a fully-manufactured product that meets your customer’s needs.

Check your requirement boxes at any scale, in record time

Our in-house software and hardware developers customize Android devices based on your needs and preferences, manufacturing devices at any scale. Plus, our manufacturing time averages 60 days—that’s about 50-70% faster than most other providers.

Get your product past prototype and into people’s hands

It’s rare to find a manufacturing partner who also handles what happens after developing the product itself. Our deep history in the mobile tech industry allows us to support the complete product cycle, simplifying production development, management, and distribution.

Our services include:

  • Solution consultation
  • Software and hardware development
  • Custom tech accessory development
  • Branding and packaging
  • Kitting services
  • Warehousing and dropshipping
  • Financing support
  • Analytics and reporting

and more—just ask on your initial consultation.

Keep security and certification front and center

Along with quality, the security of our mobile technology is top priority. Having manufactured over two million devices, we have the experience to develop high-quality devices that also meet stringent security and certification tests, including Google certification.

All DIALN devices are designed by our in-house software and hardware developers—and that allows us to run critical quality checks (instead of outsourcing these important steps), and to quickly navigate the certification process.

Our R&D team also continuously monitors global cyber threats, acting quickly to protect DIALN devices and providing security upgrades as needed.

Enjoy the cost savings that come with our one-stop shop

For nonprofits, enterprises, and everyone in between, we can offer high-quality, fully customized mobile technology devices at a competitive price point.

Why? Our sister company plug is a consumer electronics distribution company an online retailer of Certified Pre-Owned devices. Together, we offer many services that other providers would need to outsource, thus minimizing added costs and providing greater value to you, our client.

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DIALN’s vast experience in the tech industry, manufacturing, and mobile space has allowed us to excel in developing custom enterprise solutions for numerous industries including:

MVNOs: As a carrier or mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), you want to provide innovative, customer-centric mobile solutions.

Healthcare: All-in-one solutions work best when software and hardware are integrated together and programmed for the same goals.

Education: Enable better education outcomes with handheld learning devices, DIALN partners with educators to develop custom Android solutions.

Government Programs: Partnering with the government-funded programs such as Lifeline, we have produced and shipped phones and tablets to low-income communities.


To perform your best, you the need the latest specs for the most competitive build price.


Feature-packed Android tablets built for enterprise available in 8″ 10″ and limitless customization.


Larger HD+ Screen. Better Photos with high-resolution rear and selfie cameras. Elevated user experience.

Doing good for the planet

Together with our sister companies, we are committed to creating positive environmental change through reduced e-waste, which is the heart of our company’s mission.

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